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At Big Advertising we've been running large advertising campaigns since 2001. AdShares is based on an old, very successful idea which has been used by marketers for decades - Co-operative advertising.

What is Co-operative Advertising?
A Co-operative (or co-op) advertisement is is an advertisement placed on behalf of many people with the results shared between those people. Co-op advertising is popular in network marketing where teams of people can work together to generate and share the response from an ad. Participants buy shares in the advertisement and the more shares they buy, the more leads they receive. If you bought 10% of the shares and there was 500 leads from the ad, you would receive 50 leads.

Traditional Co-op advertising can work well but requires someone to place the advertising and manage the response. It also requires someone to take on the responsibility of the advertising budget. The biggest issue with co-op advertising is that if the advertisement does not attract the expected level of response then the participants are disappointed. AdShares is co-op advertising perfected.

How is AdShares different?
AdShares is different to co-op advertising, with three significant improvements.
  • We place all the advertising and pay for it.
  • We deal with distributing the leads to the most suitable advertiser.
  • We guarantee a minimum amount of leads for your spend so there's no risk involved.
Traditional advertising can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds with no guarantees whatsoever. AdShares offers you the chance to spend a much smaller amount for a share of an advertisement. Each share comes with a guaranteed amount of leads. There's no contract or minimum notice period. You can cancel the agreement at any time without cancellation fees or penalties.

How are the leads generated?
AdShares leads come from a simple data capture site, each lead is sent to you in real-time and is looking for an extra income or to work from home. We do not qualify the prospect by telling them anything about your business. We let you qualify the lead yourself in your follow up. All AdShares leads are UK Residents over the age of 18.

Advertise your business for £7.00+VAT per month and receive 8 leads
Advertising with AdShares starts from just £7 per month for one share, you are guaranteed a minimum of 8 leads per month. Increasing or decreasing the amount of shares you have each month is simple and takes just a few clicks. Your advertising can be managed online through our user friendly Campaign Manager tool.

You can spend as little or as much as you like each month and your budget can grow with your business. Nowhere else offers the same level of flexibility and value for all advertising budgets ranging from £5 - £5,000 per month.

Order 20 shares and receive leads for as little as £0.63 each
Order 20 shares (£100.80+VAT) and you'll receive a minimum of 160 leads - that works out at just £0.63 per lead. This pricing makes AdShares leads the lowest price real time leads available from any supplier.

Spend a set amount, on a set date - perfect for advertising budgets
With AdShares you tell us exactly what you want and when you would like to pay for it. We can take payment monthly or every 4 weeks making it easy for your advertising to fit in with your budget.

Managing an advertising pool has never been easier
AdShares can be used for just one advertiser or a group of advertisers. Each AdShare is broken down into smaller shares that are the perfect size for advertising pools. It's easy to manage an advertising pool with AdShares, you can manage each share individually and the leads from each share can be emailed to a different address. If your advertising pool members are Big Advertising customers you can even plug their leads directly into their Contact Manager with just a few clicks!

A fair, local, guaranteed response
To ensure that you receive a fair return on your investment we'll send you a guaranteed 'fair share' of the response so that you know you've received an equal level of response compared to other advertisers. We'll send the closest possible leads to your target area and we aim to deliver within 50 miles. The only time you'll receive a lead from outside of 50 miles is if we were unable to send you one which was closer.

Prospects awaiting your call
Each prospect that requests information is sent our 'Recruitment Report' detailing the opportunities available in their area. This report includes your name and telephone number. The prospect should be expecting your call and may even pro-actively contact you to find out more about your opportunity.

To calculate your monthly AdShares order click 'Order AdShares'.
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